Our Story

We believe that financial health is just as important as an individual’s physical well-being. Establishing a sound understanding of Personal Finance enables any one of us to dream bigger, accomplish more, and take on calculated risks.

Founded in Fall 2016, Wharton Common Cents originated as first initiative focused on promoting Personal Finance literacy among the Wharton MBA community, and the first-ever graduate personal finance club at a business school. What began as an initiative for our MBA peers has gradually evolved to also serve graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania. After all, matters pertaining to money are industry agnostic; therefore, the more students we empower, the better.

We are very proud of the strong reception and participation from our classmates, faculty, alums, and administration. Their support and belief in our mission has helped us achieve key milestones in a short period of time. Furthermore, we are encouraged by the growth of our membership to nearly 500 students in the span of one year.  Our members are both first and second year MBA students, Executive MBA students, MBA Exchange students, Partners, and students from other graduate schools at the University of Pennsylvania.

With this momentum, we are excited to grow the presence of our club and help make Personal Finance “Common Cents.”