Partnership Opportunity

Whether through their finances, time, expertise, or efforts, Wharton Common Cents sponsors and partners have been a key component of our success thus far.

There are many ways to partner with our organization and we are always in search of collaborators in the local, regional or national community that can help us further our mission!

If you are interested in sharing and aiding in our success, please consider partnering with us. A collaboration can bring numerous benefits to your organization and the opportunity to:

  • Support the 1st graduate Personal Finance club at the University of Pennsylvania and nationally (among business schools)
  • Build brand awareness with 500+ members (both students and their partners)
  • Connect with graduate students across 6 different Penn schools   
  • Affiliate with one of Wharton’s most valuable graduate student clubs per the 2016-2017 Wharton Graduate Association survey, which ranked Common Cents in the 90th percentile
  • Build goodwill on campus by championing a unique initiative that is dedicated to the financial wellness of MBA students